Image Union, episode 0013: Composite

Image Union episode featuring "Chairs" by Nick Despota, John Mabey, and Bob Synder, "Helen Lishman for Mayor" by Warren Leming, "Saturday Morning," "Picture Box," "Waiting," and "Howard to Englewood" by Dan Curry, and "Commuting to Tomorrow" by Scott Fivelson.

00:00Copy video clip URL Count-in.

00:22Copy video clip URL Image Union opening in black and white.

01:06Copy video clip URL “Chairs” by Nick Despota, John Mabey, and Bob Synder. Color video. Footage of the Chicago blizzard of 1979 set to music. We see piles of snow and the typical Chicago practice of chairs saving shoveled parking spaces.

02:55Copy video clip URL “Helen Lishman for Mayor” by Warren Leming. Spoof of political ads, shot during the Chicago Blizzard of 1979. “All we get from the city is a big snow job! City hall does not work. I work!” Tom Weinberg plays Lishman’s catatonic husband, Marvin.

03:50Copy video clip URL Four Films by Dan Curry. The first is “Saturday Morning” We view a typical Saturday morning from an upstairs window.

07:55Copy video clip URL “Picture Box” by Dan Curry with Drew Doll. Curry takes still photographs of Doll holding up pictures. The photographs are presented with increasing speed, until they no longer appear like stills, they seem like an actual film. After this, the presentation of the images is gradually slowed down until they appear to be just a series of stills again.

11:18Copy video clip URL “Waiting” by Dan Curry. Time-lapse imagery of Lake Shore Drive and other Chicago locations at night. The stills dissolve into one another at a slow pace.

16:28Copy video clip URL “Howard to Englewood.” Time-lapse imagery of a train traveling station-to-station from Howard to Englewood.

20:33Copy video clip URL Commuting to Tomorrow by Scott Fivelson. A short faux-documentary film about the Chicago Transit Authority and electronic transportation. The documentary involves a study of how commuters will respond to new stops, featuring mice as test subjects.

25:55Copy video clip URL Image Union re-opening.

26:10Copy video clip URL In honor of International Women’s Day, they are showing films and video tapes by women.

25:26Copy video clip URL “Jane Byrne Election Night” Produced by Scott Jacobs for “The Video News, ” with Cindy Neal and Lilly Ollinger. [Note: This version of “Jane Byrne Election Night” was re-edited by Image Union for this episode. For the official director’s cut, visit:] We follow Jane Byrne on February 27, 1979 at the Ambassador Hotel. Byrne is just finding out that she may have won the Democratic primary for Mayor of Chicago, defeating the incumbent Michael Anthony Bilandic. She watches TV and talks about the havoc handshaking has wrought on her nails and jewelry. Her husband talks about preparing meals so she’d be well fed when she got home. After her victory seems certain, she organizes her family and supporters and speaks to her campaign staff. When she’s won, the media struggle to get close to her.

46:46Copy video clip URL Image Union re-opening. Chicago Animation.

47:15Copy video clip URL “Appeal” (1979) A man peels a banana in stop-motion by putting it through his head. By Kevin Dole.

48:00Copy video clip URL “Freedom Is” by Ron Crawford. Hand-drawn cartoon in which two characters constantly break out of one another and kill one another. “Freedom is a constant struggle.”

49:05Copy video clip URL “Your Astrology for December 13th” Animated segment in which a computer voice gives horoscopes. By Peter Dakis.

50:10Copy video clip URL “Yo Yo the Clone.” Black and white cartoon where a man onstage does various shocking yo-yo tricks. His alchemy backfires when the yo-yo creates a replica of himself. The audience goes wild. By Lillian and J.P. Somersaulter.

53:45Copy video clip URL “Superman Trailer” by Dick Greenberg. Names of stars seem to fly through the sky.

55:02Copy video clip URL George Eastman test images. He shows computer generated images that may be used for commercials.

58:59Copy video clip URL “Dog License” by Paul Jessel and Bill Langdon. Animated. One dog eats another dog. Another dog eats that one, etc.

1:00:25Copy video clip URL End Credits.

1:01:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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