Image Union, episode 0212: Cool Dreams

Episode of Image Union featuring music videos, live performances, and comedy segments by the band Cool Dreams.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

01:00Copy video clip URL This tape features music videos, live performances, and comedy segments by the band Cool Dreams. The band’s sound seems inspired at times by Frank Zappa and at times by the Grateful Dead. First up is a song called a “A Present For You.” Footage of the band performing in a studio is interlaced with footage of wacky actors.

05:20Copy video clip URL Spoof commercial for “The Vatican Game,” a board game where you work your way up in the Catholic church.

06:52Copy video clip URL Another live performance from Cool Dreams.

10:15Copy video clip URL Performance of the song “Never Can,” interlaced with images of glamorous men and women in fur coats.

16:39Copy video clip URL Goofy song seemingly entitled “Have you heard about the burger?” The chorus includes the lines: “America loves burgers! America’s the burger king!”

19:55Copy video clip URL Comedic medley of various songs, including “I Get Around” and “I Shot The Sheriff.”

21:30Copy video clip URL Comedic segment set at a bar called Chez Buddy. Buddy Allen and his Star-Studded Revue perform. The man playing Buddy Allen gets on stage and tells groan-inducing jokes to much abuse from the audience. Buddy responds with his own insults like, “Hey, it takes four of you to make a square!” and then zaps audience members with a beam that shoots from his hand.

24:50Copy video clip URL Instrumental performance by Cool Dreams under credits.

28:00Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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