Image Union, episode 0011

Hour long compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Recorded Live" by Steve Wilson, "Balloons" by Steve Walker, Ed Greenberg, and Richard Auchter, "Hush Hoggies Hush: Tom Johnson's Praying Pigs" by Bill Ferris and Judy Peiser, "Rocky Horror" by Jim Doherty, "Mi Amor Disperato" by Vittorio Linguini, "Sports-Action Profiles" by Kartemquin Films, and "Burb Baby Burn" by Dana Young.

00:00Copy video clip URL Bars and tone, slate, countdown

00:13Copy video clip URL Image Union opening

00:58Copy video clip URL “Recorded Live” by Steve Wilson. Man receives letter from head of TV studio offering him a job. He goes to studio, but no one is there. A reel of tape rolls and unrolls at his feet. (Stop motion.) The tape chases him. He calls for help, but the tape eventually takes him over, covering his body and leaving only his clothes behind.

09:00Copy video clip URL “Balloons” by Steve Walker, Ed Greenberg, and Richard Auchter. Pretty shots of colorful, billowing fabric. Footage of hot air balloons being filled and flown. Shots of the countryside from a balloon: barns, fall trees, horses running. Shot from balloon as it hits ground.

14:50Copy video clip URL “Hush Hoggies Hush: Tom Johnson’s Praying Pigs” by Bill Ferris and Judy Peiser. Man shows off his well-trained hogs, feeding and talking to them.

19:00Copy video clip URL Bucky Dennis saying he’s getting ready for opening day at Comiskey Park.

19:27Copy video clip URL “Rocky Horror” by Jim Doherty, Columbia College student. Narrated history of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Interviews with attendees of the weekly showing at Biograph Theatre. “It’s not a movie, it’s a way of life.” Shots of the pre-movie stage show. Shots of the audience during the movie, yelling, throwing things, and singing along.

29:00Copy video clip URL “Mi Amor Disperato” by “Vittorio Linguini.” Parody of Italian cinema. Italian credits, English voiceover. Man deals with loss of love as traditional Italian music plays in the background. By Seth Krugliac and Vello Nickolaou.

35:28Copy video clip URL Re-introduction of Image Union.

35:55Copy video clip URL “Sports-Action Profiles” by Kartemquin Films. (1972). Twenty minute profile of Al McGuire, head basketball coach at Marquette University (Warriors). Shows McGuire before and after two games (against DePaul Demons and Loyola) and at practices, as well as during off time with his wife. Includes son Ally and future pro player Jim Chones. Dir. Jeffrey Pill, Cin. Gordon Quinn, Ed. Jerry Blumenthal.

55:15Copy video clip URL “Burn Baby Burn” by Dana Young. Account of turbulent times following death of Martin Luther King, Jr. Montage of protests, fires, dancing, boxing, birth, Richard Nixon, MLK, KKK, etc.

58:20Copy video clip URL Upcoming local “image events.”

59:09Copy video clip URL End credits.

59:46Copy video clip URL End tape.



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