Image Union, episode 1101

This episode of Image Union features winners of the 1987 Mobius Awards for international commercials. Includes commercials from Vimto, Missouri Repertory Theater, Truckee Meadows Hospital, Lincoln Park Zoo, Fresh Mint, Golden Cob, Donate a Book, PSA for AIDS, K-Mart, Danskin, Genesee Cream Ale, Avia Fitness Shoes, Rapid Grow, Miller, Alka Seltzer, Australia, Wendy's, 4C, Good Sense Plastic Plates and Cups, Grundig, Changing Times, The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, Eckerd Pharmacy, Miller Lite Beer, Yoplait, Twisties, Durex Condoms, Burger King, Fuji, Good Sense Bags, The AA, Telecom Eireann, and California Fresh Eggs.

0:00Copy video clip URL Slate.

0:18Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:12Copy video clip URL Heavy-set older women in sequined dresses dance and sing about Diet Vimto soda.

1:36Copy video clip URL Artsy black and white shots of a vampire turning into a bat. “Our season is off the ground.” Missouri Repertory Theatre.

2:06Copy video clip URL A mother holds and kisses her new born as “Rock-a-bye Baby” plays. Disturbing footage of teens in awful situations intercut. Truckee Meadows Hospital.

3:07Copy video clip URL Adopt an elephant from Lincoln Park Zoo for your Valentine for $19.95!

4:07Copy video clip URL Fresh-mint. Owner talks to dog, dog faints.

4:26Copy video clip URL Colorful parrot sings and exercises. Golden Cob.

4:57Copy video clip URL Famous quotes from novels to footage of burned library. Donate money to Central Library, where 400,000 books burned. “Next chapter up to you.”

5:27Copy video clip URL AIDS awareness ad targeting females. If he says no to a condom, you can say no to him.

5:57Copy video clip URL Kmart Auto Sound. Subtitles used as man tells about inexpensive stereo equipment over loud music.

6:28Copy video clip URL Danskin. “All the world’s a stage.”

6:38Copy video clip URL Genesee Cream Ale. The difference: an old granny dances by a sexy young woman.

6:54Copy video clip URL Joffrey Ballet and LA Raiders both use Avia.

7:26Copy video clip URL Rapid Gro. Close up of man saying he didn’t know the fertilizer would work so well. Camera pulls out to reveal man sitting on gigantic tomato.

7:55Copy video clip URL Dog protects last beer in cooler for owner. Miller Lite.

8:27Copy video clip URL Genesee Cream Ale. The difference: skinny white guy flexing next to huge body builder type.

8:42Copy video clip URL Funny doctor fixes unhappy patient by giving him Alka-Seltzer.

9:14Copy video clip URL “Nowhere else can you …” Travel ad for Australia’s Northern Territory.

10:11Copy video clip URL Sick man learns he is HIV-positive. PSA: Don’t share needles.

11:36Copy video clip URL Girl learns the hard way what happens when you do heroin.

12:58Copy video clip URL Man scoffs when woman can’t decide which looks better: Hamburger A, big and fresh, or wimpy little Hamburger B. Wendy’s.

13:36Copy video clip URL Hands make dinner using 4C bread crumbs. Humorous family conversation. “The official bread crumb of the Davis family.”

14:07Copy video clip URL Man throws pies in his face repeatedly to demonstrate that plastic plates handle more servings. Good Sense plastic plates.

14:37Copy video clip URL Clothes dance on their own to a Grundig stereo.

15:40Copy video clip URL Read “Changing Times.” Everything you and your money need to know.

16:12Copy video clip URL Ad for kids. “Being different is being great!” Different kinds of kids and people. Church of Jesus Christ of the latter-day Saints.

17:13Copy video clip URL Eckard pharmacist kills rat in front of high school students to show them drugs are bad. “No one cares more about your health.”

17:46Copy video clip URL Miller Lite. Metal-like men drink “heavy” beer. Upbeat nice guys sing and bring Miller Lite.

18:26Copy video clip URL Animated spoons create elaborate setup to get Yoplait from fridge.

18:57Copy video clip URL Movie hero comes out of screen to woo cute girl and get her Twisties.

19:57Copy video clip URL Hands pass 4C parmesan around dinner table as voices make humorous family talk. “The official parmesan cheese of the Davis family.”  This cut dropped several frames (see five minutes later for a better version of the same commercial).

20:28Copy video clip URL Girl puts gun to her head and pulls trigger. Durex. “Do you dare go to bed with a stranger without a condom?”

21:01Copy video clip URL Exciting summer scenes to song “Some Like It Hot.” Burger King.

22:01Copy video clip URL Girls sunbathe. Which one isn’t real? Pictures that real. Fuji film.

23:31Copy video clip URL Man stands beneath machine shaking full garbage over his head. He can trust Good Sense trash bags not to break.

23:02Copy video clip URL “I know a man who can.” AAA has answers to all your auto questions.

24:06Copy video clip URL Phones morph into different things to represent different parts of the country. “Talk anywhere, anytime.” Telecom Eireann.

24:56Copy video clip URL Repeat of parmesan commercial.

25:26Copy video clip URL Appealing shots of eggs being prepared. California Fresh Eggs.

25:57Copy video clip URL Repeat of Miller Lite commercial.

26:49Copy video clip URL Image union closing with “Media Burn” footage by Ant Farm.

27:50Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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