Image Union, episode 1113

An episode of Image Union featuring two short documentary films. The first, called, "Universal Hotel" is a diary / documentary about one filmmaker's research of Nazi medical experiments in the prison camp at Dachau. The second, "Growing Up Multiracial" is a conversation between a group of people with multiracial backgrounds.

00:00Copy video clip URL Slate, count-in.

00:38Copy video clip URL Image Union opening

01:21Copy video clip URL “Universal Hotel” by Peter Thompson. Color film. Peter Thompson’s diary film/documentary about his exploration of atrocious Nazi medical experiments at their prison camp at Dachau.

21:38Copy video clip URL “Growing Up Multiracial” by Nalani McClendon. Color video. Several multiracial people talk about their experiences growing up.

27:52Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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