Image Union, episode 1129: Some Yellowstone Winter Sound

Documentary dealing with the conflict between snowmobile advocates in Yellowstone National Park and those who wish Yellowstone could remain noise-free.

00:00Copy video clip URL Title card.

00:22Copy video clip URL Image Union intro.

01:13Copy video clip URL “Some Yellowstone Winter Sound” by Phil Morton, 1989.

01:22Copy video clip URL Shots of people loading up the “Snow Coach,” a type of snowmobile that was once used as a school bus in northern Canada.

04:48Copy video clip URL Footage of white geese swimming along a stream. You can hear faint human voices in the background. The motorized hum of a snowmobile cuts in, and the geese take flight.

05:41Copy video clip URL Shot of a waterfall. The sound of the snowmobiles overpowers the sound of the waterfall.

06:01Copy video clip URL A pair of snowmobile drivers debates whether Yellowstone or Yosemite was the first national park. The camera cuts to a shot of the man kneeling beside the snowmobile’s tire treads. He explains the pros and cons of the design.

07:48Copy video clip URL Morton asks a park ranger, Carl, about his snowmobile.

08:54Copy video clip URL Morton talks to Jim, a cross-country skier who “was cross-country skiing before cross-country skiing was groovy to do.” Jim takes black-and-white photographs to document wildlife in the park. They talk about the “din” created by the snowmobiles from miles away.

13:18Copy video clip URL Two snowmobile drivers insist that they aren’t bothering the animals because animals don’t seem to notice them anymore. “It’d be nice if they had noiseless ones, though.” The footage cuts to a bison fighting its way through a snow drift while the snowmobiles blare in the distance.

18:30Copy video clip URL “The only way I can see that they can clear that up is if they go over to an electric snowmobile,” one driver attests. “That would take great amounts of power, and there’s probably a limited amount of distance that you can travel.”

21:10Copy video clip URL Morton interviews a young snowmobiler on his way to Old Faithful.

22:29Copy video clip URL Footage of bison in the snow and in the hot springs.

24:58Copy video clip URL Interview with a pair of snowmobile drivers at their campsite in black and white. They talk about possible improvements and innovations to snow coaches in the parks.

28:10Copy video clip URL Image processed bison.

28:49Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.

29:57Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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