Image Union, episode 0206

An episode of Image Union featuring seven short, experimental films.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black.

0:26Copy video clip URL Image Union opening

1:02Copy video clip URL “Bluescreen” by Tom Roberts. An animated piece; a man is seemingly brainwashed by the television he sits in front of.

3:18Copy video clip URL “Moonrose” by Bill Hogan. Features optical printing. Montage of abstracted forms, flares of light, and splashing waves.

9:18Copy video clip URL “Bicycle” by Judy Whittaker. A series of close-up shots of different parts of a bicycle.

13:54Copy video clip URL “My Car” by Josiah Halstead. Picture drops out here due to deterioration, but sound still plays.

15:13Copy video clip URL Picture comes back. Halstead describes his car and his memories of driving it. Meanwhile footage of him looking around inside the car and under the hood plays.

17:30Copy video clip URL “Our Trip to the Beach” by John Heinz. Narrator describes it as Monty Python-like animation (before Monty Python). Cut out and stop motion animation interspersed with fast motion footage of crowds and what looks to be images from World War II.

20:51Copy video clip URL “The One With All the Feet” by John Heinz. Jumbled footage and whip pans of mainly people’s legs and feet as they walk down a city street. Set to a pretty intense drum solo. Ends with fireworks.

23:10Copy video clip URL “Wa Mini” by Steve Walker. Extreme close-ups of a woman’s body as drops of water from a melting icicle fall on her.

26:43Copy video clip URL Image Union credits and closing animation.



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