Image Union, episode 0222: Art Institute Videos

Art Institute Video

00:00Copy video clip URL “Image Union No. 222: Art Institute Video” Image Union introduction. Voiceover describes that this episode will present video work from students at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. 

1:02  “Totem” by Frank Garvey. 

3:58Copy video clip URL “Don’t Turn the Light On, Please,” by Richard Horner.

4:48Copy video clip URL “Train,” by Bernard J. Hasken.

8:53Copy video clip URL “Eat it All.” 

9:34Copy video clip URL “A Song of the Palace,” by Daniel Klepper.

11:30Copy video clip URL “You Made Me Love You,” by Jeanine Mellinger.

14:03Copy video clip URL “Spaced,” by Wayne Fielding. 

17:30Copy video clip URL “Ladder Matter” by Jeffrey Foley.

19:30Copy video clip URL “Waking” by Barbara Sykes.

21:32Copy video clip URL “Footage” by Lori Dresner.

24:02Copy video clip URL “Pains of Light” by Mary Ida Bonadio.

26:50Copy video clip URL Image Union credits. 



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