Image Union, episode 0003

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Cold Cows" by Franklin Miller, "Dr. John and Martha Faye" by David Obermeyer, "Christmas Morning in Sister Bay" by Dan Sandin, "The Santa Tapes" by Scott Jacobs, "Another Millionaire" by Tom Palazzolo, and "The Circus" by Jean Sousa.

0:00Copy video clip URL Bars and tone, slate, count-in.

0:24Copy video clip URL Image Union opening. First film is “Cold Cows,” by Franklin Miller, 16mm, 1977. At once both hilarious and mournful, COLD COWS imagines the secrets dreams of livestock who have seen better days in their youth. COLD COWS screened at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Poetry Film Festival in San Francisco and the Film Forum, in New York City, among other venues. Franklin Miller is retired from teaching film, video and digital production at the University of Iowa. His early work was in documentary and narrative forms, and he has major production credits on over 100 film and television productions.

3:07Copy video clip URL “Dr. John and Martha Faye” by David Obermeyer. John talks about his dog Martha, who does frisbee competitions. Film footage of the dog leaping for the frisbee. Interview with John about how they got started in this activity. Footage of the two doing a show at Comiskey Park.

11:22Copy video clip URL Christmas Morning in Sister Bay by Dan Sandin. Image Processor.

15:24Copy video clip URL The Santa Tapes by Scott Jacobs. [Note: for the full director’s cut, visit] Open on people in downtown Chicago shopping during Christmas. Jacobs interviews an 80-year-old man who dresses up like Santa for the Marshall Field’s department store as he gets dressed for work.

28:32Copy video clip URL “Another Millionaire” by Tom Palazzolo. Film about lottery ticket winner at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. Interviews with people at the mall and the lottery. An elderly man wins the million dollars and is taken away for photographs and interviews.

36:27Copy video clip URL Image Union re-opening. No sound or announcer.

36:55Copy video clip URL “The Circus” by Jean Sousa. Film footage manipulated by optical printer. Shots of circus scenes with circus music.

45:02Copy video clip URL Solarz 16mm family movie. 1950s Chicago.

46:07Copy video clip URL “Dear friends,” Man reads yearly letter to family and friends while film footage pans big houses on tidy street. The man is supposed to be Charles Benton. The letter describes his and his family’s political activities.

57:19Copy video clip URL Man With The Hat. Animation with circus music.

58:16Copy video clip URL Credits.

59:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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