Image Union, episode 0304

Two part Image Union episode featuring "King of the Z's" by Stephen Winer and Karl Teidemann and "North Star Racers" by Cindy Neal.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

0:50Copy video clip URL “King of the Z’s” by Stephen Winer and Karl Teidemann. Color and black and white film. This film is a “mockumentary” that sets itself up as a documentary about the low budget production studios in Hollywood. The film features interviews with the “actors” and “directors” who explain how the crew would make do with little to no budget. The anecdotes are funny, such as the fact that the director found a way to give the illusion of foreign locales by projecting slides from people’s vacations and having the actors act in front of them. We see clips from the “movies” (such as “Othello” starring talking ducks).

18:50Copy video clip URL “North Star Racers” by Cindy Neal. Color video. Short documentary about dogsled racing set to music. It is composed mainly of shots of the dogs pulling the sleds, but also has a small amount of interviews with the people who race the dogs. “I’ve got a friend who’s in the paratroopers, and he says the next best thing to jumping out of an airplane is riding a dog team. I love it.”

28:15Copy video clip URL Image Union credits.


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  1. Jamie says:

    I have been looking for this film for 30 years after seeing a few clips on the David Letterman show- Thanks for posting it.

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