Image Union, episode 0309

Compilation Image Union episode featuring "Shopper Ph.D" by Diana Stoneberg, "Cheat-U-Fair" by Columbia College's Visual Production Seminar Class, and "Passion of the Lion" by Vince Waldron.

0:10Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

0:50Copy video clip URL “Shopper Ph.D.” by Diana Stoneberg. Black and white video. Comedy. Madeline and Bill have both earned the Shopper Ph.D. They are still wearing their black robes when they shop and meet each other in an aisle of the supermarket. Bill moves into Madeline’s apartment and soon retires as shopper since Madeline is becoming more and more addicted. Finally, she dies because of her excessive habits.

10:45Copy video clip URL “Cheat-U-Fair” by Columbia College Visual Production Seminar Class (Carl German, Thomas Phillips, Bruce Real, Scott Rosenthal, Marsha Rudak, Bob Schordje, and Al Stoncius; instructor, Jim Passin). Color video. A day in the life of Maxwell Street in summer 1980.

23:35Copy video clip URL “Passion of the Lion” by Vince Waldron. Black and white video. In faux-Swedish with subtitles. A woman has a love affair with a stuffed lion. Funny. Maybe a Bergman parody?

28:51Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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