Image Union, episode 0312

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Stampede" by Ken Brown, "Manifest" by WSIU-TV, "Along the Way" by Steve Eagle, "Measure of Volatility" by Shalom Gorewitz, "Reception" by Michael Patterson, and "Kustom Kwikies" by Norman E. Magden.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

0:54Copy video clip URL “Stampede” by Ken Brown, 1979. Animation. White and red non-narrative animation set to music by the Last Mile Ramblers.

5:10Copy video clip URL “Manifest” by WSIU-TV (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL), 1975. Color film with no dialogue. Parachutists are documented from the moment they prepare their equipment until they jump and eventually land safely, including the dreamy extended period of free fall.

11:45Copy video clip URL “Along the Way” by Steve Eagle, 1980. Animation of a boy running, set to music by Barry Schrader.

15:25Copy video clip URL “Measures of Volatility” by Shalom Gorewitz, 1979. Color video. Collage of urban images, from trucks, to houses, to kids, to factories, to highways, which eventually devolves into beautiful & colorful abstract processed video.

21:30Copy video clip URL “Reception” by Michael Patterson, 1980. Black and white animation questions our relationship to television.

25:20Copy video clip URL “Kustom Kwikies” by Norman E. Magden with Tom Erickson. Color film. Still shots of custom trucks and cars are edited together with increasing speed in this collage.

27:55Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.

29:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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