Image Union, episode 0325

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Jane Byrne Election Night" by Cindy Neal and Lilly Ollinger, "Don't Rain on my Boufont" by Diana Stoneberg, and "Uptown Mellow Drama" by Ron Shook.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

0:40Copy video clip URL “Jane Byrne Election Night.” Produced by Scott Jacobs for “The Video News” with Cindy Neal and Lilly Ollinger. [Note: This version of “Jane Byrne Election Night” was re-edited by Image Union for this episode. For the official director’s cut, visit:] We follow Jane Byrne on February 27, 1979 at the Ambassador Hotel. Byrne is just finding out that she may have won the election for Mayor of Chicago. She watches TV and talks about the havoc handshaking has wrought on her nails and jewelry. Her husband talks about preparing meals so she’d be well fed when she got home. After her victory seems certain, she organizes her family and supporters and speaks to her campaign staff. When she’s won, the media struggle to get close to her.

10:10Copy video clip URL “Don’t Rain On My Boufont” by Diana Stoneberg. Color film. Surreal film that shows the care that goes into maintaining this hairstyle.

12:28Copy video clip URL “Uptown Mellow Drama” by Ron Shook. Color video. A mellow day in the life of a hippy. A woman dances around in a leotard and a man plays various instruments in some electric underwear. The two hippies fall in love.

27:52Copy video clip URL Image Union closing credits.



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