Image Union, episode 0330

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Black Forest Trading Post" by Stuart Klein and Andrew Lugg, "Cinetract Emotional Fascism" by Tom Corboy, "Sun Run" and "Star Crazy" by Rufus Butler Seder, "The Underground Water Source" by J.P. and Lilian Somersaulter, and "Old Age: A True Story" by Alan Marcus.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:00Copy video clip URL “Black Forest Trading Post” by Stuart Klein and Andrew Lugg. Color film. Image of the trading post with constantly changing background, so it appears like there is a Black Forest Trading Post in Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Nevada, etc. Music by Robert Sheff, voice of Woody Sempliner.

5:10Copy video clip URL “Cinetract Emotional Fascism” by Tom Corboy. Black and white film tinted red. Abstract images with “Mystery Dance” by Elvis Costello.

6:55Copy video clip URL “Sun Run” by Rufus Butler Seder. Black and white film. Looks like an old silent movie (was shot at a different frame rate). Silent with music. A woman moves around to keep up with the sun.

8:40Copy video clip URL “Star Crazy” by Rufus Butler Seder. Black and White film. Also feels like an old silent film. Is made to appear like the 1920s. A woman dreams about movie stars. Silent with music.

11:17Copy video clip URL “The Underground Water Source” by J.P. and Lillian Somersaulter. Color film. Children’s fairy tale. A child recounts the stories of her ancestors, who found water with a divining stick.

18:22Copy video clip URL “Old Age: A True Story” by Alan Marcus. Black and white film. Grainy footage of lonely Midwestern farms. Footage of old man playing chess alone with voiceover of his thoughts about friends who have passed. Sound is tinny on this one.

25:53Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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