Image Union, episode 0337

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Effects of TV" by Bob Mickens, "The North Loop Redevelopment Follies" by The Visual Production Seminar of Columbia College, "Video and the Detectives" by Declan Quinn and Harriet Gordon, and "This is Real" by Michael D. Cook.

00:30Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

01:48Copy video clip URL “Effects of TV” by Bob Mickens. Color animation. A short comic animation shows the effects of television from copying images on the screen to imitating them.

3:00Copy video clip URL “The North Loop Redevelopment Follies” by The Visual Production Seminar of Columbia College. Color video. A short documentary examining the redevelopment of Chicago’s downtown with emphasis on the alleged corruption and the many landmark buildings that are scheduled to be demolished.

21:39Copy video clip URL “Video and the Detectives” by Declan Quinn and Harriet Gordon. Color video and B&W film. An experimental film in which Different images are introduced in color-manipulated shots.

24:02Copy video clip URL “This Is Real” by Michael D. Cook. B & W and color film. A short experimental film in which shots of mushroom clouds are shown while an electronic-sounding voice repeats various mantras.

28:05Image Union end credits.


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  1. Erick Rosales says:

    voiceover at the end is Marty Robinson

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