Image Union, episode 0340

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Street Scene" by Andy Aaron, "Secret Horror" by Michael Smith, and "Olympic Fragments" by John Sanborn and Kit Fitzgerald.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening

01:01Copy video clip URL “Street Scene” by Andy Aaron. Color film. A comedic short using existing footage of a building demolition. A voice over is used to make it seem as if a film director is shouting instructions to actors and technicians, finally giving the order to destroy the building.

03:14Copy video clip URL “Secret Horror” by Michael Smith. A bizarre comedic short/experimental video in which a man is haunted by sheet-wearing ghosts and a blue-glowing drop ceiling. Narrated by Eric Bogosian.

16:29Copy video clip URL “Olympic Fragments” by John Sanborn and Kit Fitzgerald. Color video. A short experimental video using freeze frames and re petition on various pieces of the footage from the 1980 winter Olympics. Commissioned by the Fine Arts Committee of the 1980 Winter Games.

26:21Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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