Image Union, episode 0412

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "In the Course of Time" by Jac Rubenstein and Dan Andries, "Faces" by Dino Malcolm, "Circus Magic" by an uncredited filmmaker, "The Laws of Physics" by Dick Schaefer, and "No Gasoline" by Dino Malcolm.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:00Copy video clip URL “In the Course of Time” by Jac Rubenstein and Dan Andries. B&W film. Gary Sinise stars as a dejected linotype machine operator whose alienation throws him into a rage. Very Taxi Driver-esque.

14:51Copy video clip URL “Faces” by Dino Malcolm. Color film. A montage of still photos of different faces, human and animal alike. Set to a jazzy score.

16:49Copy video clip URL “Circus Magic.” Color animation. A short, rudimentary animated piece featuring different circus acts; including clowns, stunt motorcyclist, human cannonball, etc.

19:53Copy video clip URL “The Laws of Physics” by Dick Schaefer. Color film. An experimental film that tells the story of Janet Dante’s life and suicidal death after leaving the London ballet and returning to America on October 10, 1980.

25:36Copy video clip URL “No Gasoline” by Dino Malcolm. Color film. A music video made up of still photos matching the lyrics of a song that laments the gasoline shortage. Photos include gasoline cans, oil wells, and various makes of cars.

28:17Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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