Image Union, episode 0414

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "TV" by Robert Medich, "George Talking Straight" by Jean de Segonzac and Marian Marzynski, and "Between Dots" by Arturo Cubacub.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:15Copy video clip URL “TV” by Robert Medich. Processed images from famous Hollywood films and television. Lots of Elvis. Music by The Flying Lizards.

5:33Copy video clip URL “George Talking Straight” by Jean de Segonzac and Marian Marzynski. Color film starring George McEwen as himself. George shows us around his town and talks about his two major hobbies, drinking and watching the Chicago Bears. He picks up his unemployment check, buys some Colt 45, and launches into long soliloquies about the merits of Walter Payton.

23:57Copy video clip URL “Between Dots” by Arturo Cubacub. Black and white video animation.

27:28Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits .



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