Image Union, episode 0418

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring music videos. Songs include "PRL 8-53," "Vasectomy," and "How It's Done" by Phil 'N' the Blanks, "Video Child" by The Almighty Crabbes, "Tape Your Wife to the Ceiling" by The Suburbs, "Language is a Virus" by Laurie Anderson, "and "Television Delivers People" by Richard Serra and Carlota Fay Schoolman. "Television Delivers People" is not a music video, per se, but a text-based manifesto.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:10Copy video clip URL Music video for the song “PRL 8-53” by Phil ‘N’ the Blanks.

4:08Copy video clip URL Music video for the song “Video Child” by The Almighty Crabbes. Produced by Funkavision Productions.

11:28Copy video clip URL Music video for the song “Tape Your Wife To The Ceiling” by The Suburbs. Produced by Craig Sinard and Tom Adair.

13:38Copy video clip URL Music video for the song “Vasectomy” by Phil ‘N’ the Blanks.

16:18Copy video clip URL Video for “Language is a Virus,” performed by Laurie Anderson. Produced by Davidson Gigliotti.

19:15Copy video clip URL Music video for the song “How It’s Done” by Phil ‘N’ the Blanks. Produced by Joe Federici.

22:52Copy video clip URL “Television Delivers People” by Richard Serra & Carlota Fay Schoolman. Text scrolls onscreen while benign-sounding Muzak plays in the background. In simple sentences, the text informs us about the true role of television: “Television delivers people to an advertiser.” “Mass media delivers masses of people, at least twenty million per minute.” “The television watcher is a product, which is consumed by advertisers.”

28:54Copy video clip URL Image Union closing credits.



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