Image Union, episode 0424

An episode of Image Union featuring "Pass/Fail" by Roy Campanella, Jr.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

00:57Copy video clip URL “Pass/Fail” by Roy Campanella, Jr. Color film. The fictional film portrays the life of a filmmaker and his family. He tries to get a grant to produce a film about a woman who took methadone during her pregnancy and delivered an addicted baby. Meanwhile, his wife works to support the family and his project.

4:00Copy video clip URL Brian is woken from his dream of childhood film making.

9:32Copy video clip URL Montage of various corporate heads rejecting Brian’s film project about Hale House.

10:50Copy video clip URL Brian’s family has dinner together. It emerges that Brian’s wife forgot to pay her student loan agency. The loan agency put a hold on their checking account. They get into an argument, as she “really jammed things up.” Brian leaves the table to transcribe an interview.

13:47Copy video clip URL An interview with Brian and a former heroin addict.She recounts her addiction while she was pregnant, her delivery, and how her child, Shanda, was born addicted to methadone.

18:02Copy video clip URL Brian apologizes to his wife. He gets a call from a potential patron. Things look relatively good for him, although the corporation prefers experimental footage.

19:49Copy video clip URL Brian dreams that the telephone operator calls him to disconnect his service because “you have nothing to say.”

20:40Copy video clip URL Committee debates the virtues of Brian’s video. Two people are vocal opponents, while another maintains that socially conscious videos are “passe.” The latter likes experimental video of a woman bathing in mud precisely because it doesn’t accomplish anything.

24:14Copy video clip URL The committee meets to decide who gets the grant.They unanimously agree to accept Brian’s proposal. Brian and his daughter ride bikes together–he explains the process of getting the grant and how often he was rejected.

26:12Copy video clip URL Brian is in Hale House with his interviewee.

27:00Copy video clip URL Credits.

28:53Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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