Image Union, episode 0433

This episode features 9 thirty-second commercials produced for performance artists in addition to several short films. NOTE: The artists commercials are not available online. This means the timecodes are not accurate for the online version.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

00:53Copy video clip URL Commercial for John Cage by Joan Logue. [not online]

01:22Copy video clip URL “Gofff” by Rich Christian. Color film. A comedic short in which an entire golf match takes place at super speed.

05:47Copy video clip URL Commercial for Simone Forti by Joan Logue. [not online]

06:18Copy video clip URL Commercial for Carlos Santos by Joan Logue. [not online]

06:48Copy video clip URL “Salt and Pepper” by Pat Spear. A color film in which close ups of a man and woman’s hands shake salt and pepper shakers. Eventually the shakers stop and the salt and pepper is blown away by the wind. Set to accordion music performed by Aydin Dincer-Ubl.

10:37Copy video clip URL Commercial for Tony Ramos by Joan Logue. [not online]

11:08Copy video clip URL Commercial for Joan Jonas by Joan Logue. [not online]

11:40Copy video clip URL “The Cable TV Marketing Man” by Dave Clark and Roger Bain. Color video. A music video parody in which a marketing man and his two backup singers sing the praises of cable TV. Music by The Barking Geckos. [Text on screen] “The preceeding tape was inspired by trade publication articles about the cable television industry and was produced through the facilities of Sunflower Cabletelevision.”

16:24Copy video clip URL Commercial for Arnie Zane & Bill T. Jones by Joan Logue. [not online]

16:52Copy video clip URL Commercial for Laurie Anderson by Joan Logue. [not online]

17:25Copy video clip URL “Potato Circus” by N.B. A black and white comedic short in which a man performs a mini-circus, with the stars and audience made up completely of potatoes. The man makes the potatoes walk the tight rope, and perform various other circus acts.

23:29Copy video clip URL Commercial for Joan Jonas by Joan Logue. [not online]

23:59Copy video clip URL Commercial for Nam June Paik by Joan Logue. [not online]

24:30Copy video clip URL “Snuff” directed by Davidson Gigliotti. Color video. An experimental short in which the performer, Tony Mascatello, drinks vodka while covering his face and head with shaving cream. He then places a lit candle on his head and attempts to blow it out.

27:32Copy video clip URL Image union end credits.



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