Image Union, episode 0502

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring works by Vincent Collins, Davidson Gigliotti & Michael Smith, Tony Buba, Brad Sherman, Terry Beebe-Wolfgram, and Phil Jordan, and Gus Van Sant. Works include animation, comedy, and documentary.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

01:06Copy video clip URL “Sketches” by Vincent Collins. B&W animation. Short black and white sketches illustrate the life in a Chinese city.

05:13Copy video clip URL “Giddi-up Travel Agent” by Michael Smith and Davidson Gigliotti. Color video. A bizarre comedic sketch in which a travel agent encourages tourists to relax and participate in the special retreat.

10:04Copy video clip URL “Washing Walls With Mrs. G.” by Tony Buba. B&W film. A conversation with Mrs. G., an 87-year old Italian who immigrated to the United States 50 years before. She used to wash her kitchen walls every week but now she has to wait for somebody do it.

15:18Copy video clip URL “Clockwork Spud” by Brad Sherman, Terry Beebe-Wolfgram, and Phil Jordan. Color film. A man makes baked potatoes in the kitchen. After eating, he goes to bed. When he is asleep, the left potatoes escape from the kitchen cabinet and slowly crawl to the man’s bed where they finally jam his eyes and mouth. A text calls for support for abused potatoes.

17:49Copy video clip URL “The Discipline of DE” by Gus Van Sant. B&W film. An adaptation of the William S. Burroughs story about DE, the concept of doing things easy. This film plays as a DE instructional, showing the viewer how to implement DE in doing everyday things.

26:35Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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