Image Union, episode 0509

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring the work of artists Randy Marcus, Ricke Pukis, Judy Whitaker, Niek Reus, and Ted Shen.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:12Copy video clip URL “Typewriter” by Randy Marcus. Color video. A comedic performance where a man pantomimes typing on a typewriter.

2:45Copy video clip URL “This is Mid-America” by Ricke Pukis. Color and black and white film. A rhythmic  re-edit of Chicago promotional films and other old midwestern footage.

7:44Copy video clip URL “City” by Judy Whitaker. Color film. Sounds from within an answering service in Chicago, with a view of the river where a woman is dancing.

16:08Copy video clip URL “A Taste of Sadness” by Niek Reus. Animation. Cute bubbly creatures drink a red liquid.

18:33Copy video clip URL “Escape From Hyde Park” by Ted Shen. Black and white film. University of Chicago students’ parody film about Hyde Park being an inescapable mental institution.

23:29Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



  1. Erick Rosales says:

    Ensing voice-over by Marty Robinson

  2. Erick Rosales says:

    Ending voice-over by Marty Robinson

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