Image Union, episode 0537

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring a collection of music videos and comedy sketches all made by Roger Bain. The collection is called The Barking Gecko Video Review.

00:00Copy video clip URL Title and count-in, followed by Image Union opening.

01:14Copy video clip URL The Barking Gecko Video Review (Not for Chowderheads) by Roger Bain. This is a collection of music videos and comedy sketches.

01:53Copy video clip URL The first music video features a song about a man who wakes up with orange hair.

05:04Copy video clip URL A sketch about two not-very-bright individuals who wish to join “the fast-paced world of advertising.”

07:52Copy video clip URL The sketch transitions into a song about a man in a bar who has lost the love of his life.

09:00Copy video clip URL A news report sketch, announcing a Barking Geckos tour.

09:23Copy video clip URL The newscaster introduces “Forty-five seconds of film about Patagonia, produced by the Argentine board of tourism.”

10:15Copy video clip URL A testimonial about cocktail sausages.

11:12Copy video clip URL The newscaster warns chowderheads not to watch the program.

11:30Copy video clip URL Dip Head, a parody commercial for a head with dip on it.

12:21Copy video clip URL Back to the newscaster, introducing a “behind the scenes look at the most overhyped medium of all time.” A music video about cable TV service follows.

16:18Copy video clip URL Back to the man in the bar singing about his lost love.

17:07Copy video clip URL Back to the advertising agency sketch. Transitions to a music video in which the dim-witted would-be advertisers go window-shopping for cocktail sausages.

19:03Copy video clip URL I Doktor. A music video about a doctor.

23:14Copy video clip URL More Patagonia tourism footage of glaciers.

23:42Copy video clip URL Barking Gecko Video Review credits.

25:06Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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