Image Union, episode 0006

For this episode, Image Union took an adventure trip into unexplored television territory. With home computer, video system and related technology as topics, the program went away from its original structure and produced a thirty-minute-clip that is repeated twice. Processed video is combined with real life acting television. Computer games take turns with shots in a Mexican landscape, studio production with graphic animations. They show the variety of art forms in television.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone, slate.

00:45Copy video clip URL Opening titles. Electronic Visualization Center at Art Institute of Chicago. “Program No. 7.” Begins with early computer graphics saying “Start.”  Copyright 1978 Morton and Veeder “Revised for TV.”

03:40Copy video clip URL Someone plays an early videogame where a car drives down a highway at night. Graphics are intercut with footage of a car driving in real life. Many video shots of cacti in the desert.

08:20Copy video clip URL The videomakers take a trip across the west in the 1978 Orbit 4-Chevy Van. Visualized by an electronic map.

11:20Copy video clip URL Television news clip where Phil Morton and Jane Veeder are interviewed, intercut with video footage of the event being taped. Some footage of videomakers in studio just staring silently.

17:40Copy video clip URL Television host talks about the need to create innovations in television just as any other art form.

18:15Copy video clip URL Chroma-altered video of a van driving down a highway and over a bridge, while listening to music like “Carry On My Wayward Son.”

19:30Copy video clip URL Video effects while showing groups of people gathered to watch “Old Faithful” at Yellowstone National Park.

24:15Copy video clip URL Narrator gives rant about the baby boomer generation, who learned at a young age to “tune and dial reality.” Footage of Veeder and Morton sitting in lawn chairs on a beach. “Dialing and tuning a television set is a premonition of how we will be able to dial and tune our brains in the years to come.”

27:30Copy video clip URL Video graphics piece using an oscillator. While the video plays, the person manipulating the image narrates his work.

31:00Copy video clip URL First half of tape repeats.

58:33Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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