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"Uptown Christian Soldiers" is a short, well-balanced documentary about Jesus People USA in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood. JPUSA offers emergency housing, long-term housing for disadvantaged persons, and a daily meal program. JPUSA also operates several small businesses in the neighborhood. Program features interviews from administrators, community members, former members, and the families of members. There is also footage from within the dining halls of the ministry and the dormitories bought by the church.

0:28Copy video clip URL Image Union opening

1:13Copy video clip URL Cut to woman, Starr, describing her suicidal tendencies and her religious conversion.

1:27Copy video clip URL Ex-convict talks about his religious conversion.

1:44Copy video clip URL Group of people sitting in a circle. They give their biographies and how they took “wrong turns.”

2:04Copy video clip URL “Hello, Jesus” plays over opening montage of Uptown, Chicago.

3:40Copy video clip URL Henry Huang gives an introduction about Jesus People, USA and the special, mixed community of Uptown.

5:39Copy video clip URL “We’re more like a family…”

6:23Copy video clip URL Interview with Bill, who uses the meal service provided by JPUSA. Bill does not go to fellowship services.

6:43Copy video clip URL Sheila: “It’s a blessing people like this help people who are needy.”

7:13Copy video clip URL Brief interview with George. He has been coming to meals almost every day for eight years without joining the fellowship.

7:36Copy video clip URL Scott, who lives in Sycamore, comes to services for a “spiritual boost.”

8:13Copy video clip URL Linda Meints, JPUSA Food Coordinator, talks about the logistics of operating their service. $4,000 a week  feeds several hundred people a week. Footage from inside the dining room.

9:08Copy video clip URL Urania Damofle, president of the Sheridan Park Improvement Association, believes that the feeding program is a blight on the community, inviting those who are “lying on your lawn, opening your doorways, and sleeping in your doorways…”  Cut to Huang talking about community and commitment to Jesus Christ. He defines community: “The root of community is love and forgiveness at the heart of our community.”

11:30Copy video clip URL Huang gives a tour of the dormitory section of their housing.

12:27Copy video clip URL Jon Trott, longtime resident in one of JPUSA’s dorms, discusses his early experiences living in Uptown. He describes seeing a man shot to death on his front lawn.

13:56Copy video clip URL Interview with Denny Cadieux, minister for JPUSA.

14:37Copy video clip URL Shot of JPUSA pamphlets and ephemera.

14:32Copy video clip URL Interview with Sylvia, who had a drug problem, and Marlene Martin, a mother of a JPUSA member.

15:38Copy video clip URL Starr describes her religious conversion. Frank gives a similar testimony. Kim describes how JPUSA offered her a chance to get her life back together. Sylvia describes her mother’s support.

19:12Copy video clip URL John Herrin, financial director of the ministry, talks about small-business operations.

20:11Copy video clip URL Shot of Magnolia Towers, a residence building for married couples.

21:34Copy video clip URL Interview with a resident. He describes getting put to work as soon as he entered the residence.

22:10Copy video clip URL Interview with a former, anonymous member of JPUSA. “They choose what you do in the group…you have no goals or ambitions in the group other than JP–that’s taboo.”

23:09Copy video clip URL Cut to “The Resurrection Band” featuring front-man Glenn Kaiser and Herrin on drums.

24:08Copy video clip URL A dorm of three young girls: Huang: “We really try to model for them what is important in life: Belief in Christ.”

24:41Copy video clip URL Kim: “We feel that what we do here is teach our children to love Jesus Christ.”

25:21Copy video clip URL Interview with Mary and John Prator.

26:25Copy video clip URL Anonymous ex-member: “To keep the children in line they’re disciplined with a wooden rod…you’re supposed to spank the child four or five times on the behind, but I’ve seen situations where they went over the imaginary limit.” Members of the Resurrection Band: “We don’t need to defend ourselves from lies….just like anyone else, we’re not perfect.”

28:39Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.

29:56Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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