Image Union, episode 0625

Compilation episode of Image Union. All segments in this episode are videos with musical accompaniment, no dialogue or narration. The videos are from Paul Gray, John Stevenson and David Liston, Scott Miller, John Stein, and City Video Productions.

00:25Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

01:09Copy video clip URL “East Meets West” by Paul Gray. Color video. A film that documents the dissolution of old world customs with the rise of the high tech pop culture in Japan.

05:18Copy video clip URL “Major Tom (Coming home)” by John Stevenson and David Liston. Color film. The Peter Schilling song giving the film it’s title is played over stock NASA footage of space launches, moon landings, etc.

09:31Copy video clip URL “Mess Around” by City Video Productions. Color video. A music video playing out scenes from the song about a musician that meets a woman backstage.

14:44Copy video clip URL “Fixated Whereabouts” by Scott Miller. B & W film. A short experimental film that seems uses B & W, super-8 film to capture various street scenes.

19:54Copy video clip URL “My Job” by John C. Stein. Color film. A lyrical and comedic look at Chicago Garbage men using classical and contemporary music.

27:00Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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