Image Union, episode 0007

Hour long compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Chairs" by Nick Despota, John Mabey, and Bob Synder, "Helen Lishman for Mayor" by Warren Leming, "Picture Box," "Waiting," and "Saturday Morning" by Dan Curry, "Commuting to Tomorrow" by Scott Fivelson, "Cycling Keeps Me Off the Streets" by Mirko Popadic, "Men in the Street, Sardines in the Bus" by Jiffy Vidinc, "To Die a Cowboy" by James Wright, Jr., "Black Spirit Boogie" by Kenneth Shearer, "Other Leading Brand 11-2-76" by Scott Walker, a film by E.E. Seiter, and "Gotta Sing" by Bill Melamed.

0:00Copy video clip URL Commercials leading up to start of program.

1:20Copy video clip URL Image Union opening sequence. Tonight’s episode.

2:10Copy video clip URL “Chairs” by Nick Despota, John Mabey, and Bob Synder. Color video. Footage of the Chicago blizzard of 1979 set to music. We see piles of snow and the typical Chicago practice of chairs saving shoveled parking spaces.

3:50Copy video clip URL “Helen Lishman for Mayor” by Warren Leming. Spoof of political ads, shot during the Chicago Blizzard of 1979. “All we get from the city is a big snow job! City hall does not work. I work!” Tom Weinberg plays Lishman’s catatonic husband, Marvin.

4:40Copy video clip URL Four Films by Dan Curry. The first is “Saturday Morning.” We view a typical Saturday morning from an upstairs window.

8:50Copy video clip URL “Picture Box” by Dan Curry with Drew Doll. Curry takes still photographs of Doll holding up pictures. The photographs are presented with increasing speed, until they no longer appear like stills, they seem like an actual film. After this, the presentation of the images is gradually slowed down until they appear to be just a series of stills again.

12:10Copy video clip URL “Waiting” by Dan Curry. Time-lapse imagery of Lake Shore Drive and other Chicago locations at night. The stills dissolve into one another at a slow pace.

17:25Copy video clip URL “Howard to Englewood.” Time-lapse imagery of a train traveling station-to-station from Howard to Englewood.

21:30Copy video clip URL “Commuting to Tomorrow” by Scott Fivelson. A short faux-documentary film about the Chicago Transit Authority and electronic transportation. The documentary involves a study of how commuters will respond to new stops, featuring mice as test subjects.

26:51Copy video clip URL “Cycling Keeps Me Off the Streets” by Mirko Popadic. Albert Popadic talks about taking on cycling as a self-help and health tool.

30:15Copy video clip URL Mid-show re-introduction.

30:43Copy video clip URL “Men In the Street, Sardines In the Bus.” People around the city discuss the overcrowding and lateness of city buses caused by the historic blizzard of ’79. By Jiffy Vidinc February, 1979.

35:11Copy video clip URL Helen Lishman for Mayor commercial.

36:14Copy video clip URL “To Die a Cowboy” by James Wright, Jr. Features one of the first black rodeo cowboys, William “Smokey” Johnson, who lives on the West side of Chicago. Johnson talks about growing up, getting into the rodeo, and growing older. He says, “I’ll always be a cowboy. I’ll die a cowboy.”

42:16Copy video clip URL “Black Spirit Boogie” by Kenneth Shearer. Produced by Ken Shearer and Mike Griffith. A narration: “mass media is social control, an agency of social control.” Narrator talks about problems of anti-African-American propaganda in the mass media. Music by Taj Mahal, 1976.

47:50Copy video clip URL “Other Leading Brand 11-2-76” as told to Scott Brewer. Video art piece featuring close-up shots of television signals dissolving into lines of resolution upon closer inspection.

50:25Copy video clip URL Domestic News: “Light Wave Communication System.” News story about fiber optic installation in Chicago.

51:15Copy video clip URL Bob of Image Union announces Image Events.

52:25Copy video clip URL Imagistic film piece about Catholicism in Chicago by E.E. Seiter. Displays the text of the Apostle’s Creed between images of churches and other materials of Catholic life.

54:58Copy video clip URL “Gotta Sing” with Bill Melamed. Melamed lip-synchs a song at a diner table. By Ken Kwapis.

57:33Copy video clip URL End credits.

58:42Copy video clip URL Post-show commercials.

1:02:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Erick Rosales says:

    Voice-overs include Marty Robinson, Don Ferris and Joan Koan

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