Image Union, episode 0801

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring all music videos. Musicians include Vassili Harakas, John Caldwell, and Lou Hinkhouse.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening

01:11Copy video clip URL “I Am the One” by Twenty One Summers. Color film.

05:01Copy video clip URL “Carpet Crawlers” by Vassili Harakas. Color Video. Shot in Chicago and set to the song “Carpet Crawlers” by Genesis.

11:05Copy video clip URL “One More Mile” by City Video Productions and Touch. Color video. A video for the Chicago band Touch.

16:21Copy video clip URL “Halalas Sing-Sing” by John Caldwell. Color Video. Shot in and featuring indigenous music from New Guinea.

19:50Copy video clip URL “Apocalyptic Breakfast” by Lou Hinkhouse, John Hanson, and Bill Kelly. The music video features the song “Apocalyptic Breakfast” by C’Nuts.

26:27Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.


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  1. Erick Rosales says:

    voice-over is by Marty Robinson

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