Image Union, episode 811

0:00 Image Union opening.

0:55Copy video clip URL Nuclear Blindness by Bradford Condylis. Black and white film. Structured like an industrial film with authoritative voice over, the film discusses the threat the nuclear arms race poses and the dangers of living in denial about our perilous situation instead of taking action.

4:47Copy video clip URL The Forbidden Channel by Ilene Segalove. Color video. Provocative fable about censorship and television in the 80s.

8:00Copy video clip URL The Gospel For Exercise Show by Evan Sobran. Color video. Comical piece combining a gospel show with an exercise show. Exercises include breaking the bread, parting the Red Sea, etc.

11:55Copy video clip URL Untitled piece by Jorey Bump and Robert G. Summerbell. Color video. Experimental piece with abstract imagery and sounds that show the patterns and lines present all around us.

15:39Copy video clip URL A Frightening Monster by Roger C. Nygard and Scott Nimerfro. Surreal comedic piece featuring a monster.

18:42Copy video clip URL Test Tube by Michael Inglesh and Ken Saunders. Color music video.



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