Image Union, episode 0825

A collection of films and videos from the 1986 Women in the Director's Chair Festival.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

01:02Copy video clip URL “Pop-up” by Billy Vits. Color video. A music video featuring a lot of 1980’s day-glow fashion, and double dutch jump rope.

05:34Copy video clip URL “Hair Piece” by Ayoka Chenzira. Color Animation. An animated piece examining the self image issues that African-American women have relating to their hair; specifically looking at the ways in which African-American women would attempt to Caucasian-ize their hairstyles. Note: this segment is not available online.

15:21Copy video clip URL “A Wish for Wings” by Priscilla Olsen. Color Animation. A short animated piece in which a bird turns into a woman and vice versa.

16:35Copy video clip URL “Good Catholic Girls” by Donna Kennedy. Color film. Old home movies play on the screen while a female narrator discusses her childhood – a neurotic childhood in which her self-esteem was wounded, and that haunts her into adulthood.

20:55Copy video clip URL “Grass” by Janice Tanaka. Color animation. A short experimental work which uses a collection of computer animation techniques.

26:32Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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