[Image Union film transfers: Colorado Vagabond Ranch]

A transfer of film footage of the Vagabond Ranch in Colorado, presumably for airing on Image Union. The ranch-goers travel via caravan across North America, visiting national parks and monuments on the way to and from Vagabond Ranch. They participate in numerous activities around the ranch and the nearby wilderness.

00:26Copy video clip URL Open to the Vagabond Ranch sign. A man opens the gate in a sign of welcome, horseback riders wave to the camera. A large group of young campers gather underneath the sign, presumably for a group photo.

01:26Copy video clip URL Adults gather below the sign.

01:38Copy video clip URL A large camp ground area with a line of station wagons stretched in front of A-frame canvas tents. Families appear to check-in at a desk while a line forms waiting for food cooked on an outdoor grill. The families sit down to eat at large round tables set up in the field.

02:56Copy video clip URL More station wagons arrive, many tugging various size campers and other equipment. Several other A-frame tents rise up around the campsite with blankets spread throughout the area.

03:45Copy video clip URL At the swimming pool.

03:49Copy video clip URL At Niagara Falls.

04:30Copy video clip URL Arial view of Niagara Falls.

04:37Copy video clip URL Back at Vagabond Ranch, scenes from a large outdoor meal. Men and boys gathered around a food distribution station and several wooden picnic tables.

05:04Copy video clip URL Boys playing pickup soccer in sand.

05:13Copy video clip URL A group of boys playing music, two with acoustic guitars and one with an accordion.

05:23Copy video clip URL A jeep drives on a beach, bringing the men and boys to a cookout on the beach. Evening descends and they gather around a campfire.

05:46Copy video clip URL A line of station wagons winds along a paved road in the countryside. Sign for the Sioux Indian Museum at St. Francis Mission. A town square with a church and steeple

06:06Copy video clip URL Boys playing baseball on a dirt field. More picnic scenes. A man slices watermelon. Boys eat the sliced watermelon near a pony.

06:41Copy video clip URL Parking lot at the Badlands National Park. The group sets up camp. Images across the Badlands.

07:34Copy video clip URL A bespoke title card reads, “Mt. Rushmore Memorial, Black Hills.” View of Mt. Rushmore.

07:51Copy video clip URL At a campgrounds in the woods.

08:03Copy video clip URL At Cathedral Spirals in South Dakota. Driving through Needle’s Eye tunnel.

08:27Copy video clip URL Sign for Wind Cave National Park. Deer saunter across a field. A sign warning about nearby buffalo. The group walks in a field to glimpse the buffalo.

09:15Copy video clip URL A sign says, “Welcome to Colorful Colorado.” Driving near the Rocky Mountain foothills. The tape image warps.

09:48Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

10:14Copy video clip URL Tape resumes. The caravan of station wagons drives on a road through rocky mountainous terrain spotted with snow.

10:27Copy video clip URL At the summit of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park (12,183 feet elevation).

10:52Copy video clip URL The banging of the frying pan announcing the start of a meal. Food served at the Continental Divide. The station wagon caravan continues on the road.

12:19Copy video clip URL Four miles away from the Vagabond Ranch, where the pavement ends. Arriving at the Vagabond Ranch entrance. View of the ranch land from a hilltop. A look at outside various cabins, roads, and activity around the ranch.

15:52Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

16:08Copy video clip URL Tape resumes. Horseback riders trot past the Vagabond Ranch sign. Kids gather at a horse demonstration session with a ranch hand. Several get on horseback and ride through open fields.

18:02Copy video clip URL Kids swing, pull, and rattle ropes tied to a saddle tied to a barrel suspended in the air, simulating the force of a bucking bronco. Horses brought into wooden trailers. Supplies gathered and strapped to horses for a trip.

19:04Copy video clip URL A title card reads, “Objective, Fishing!” The fishing catch is put on display. Pan frying fish at a campfire. Teaching how to cast a fishing reel. Views along a river. A hanging line of descaled and skinned fish.

20:21Copy video clip URL A title card reads, “Wrangling is the Prize Chore.” Riders on horseback lead riderless horses through a meadow. Wrangling a herd of cattle.

21:29Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

21:39Copy video clip URL Tape resumes. Cattle led up a dirt road.

22:08Copy video clip URL Ranch goers display a parade sign reading “Vagabond Ranch Granby, Colorado.” They lead the sign through a parade, along with a covered wagon and a host of people sitting on a station wagon and trailer.

22:32Copy video clip URL At a rodeo. Bronco riders swing out of the gates.

23:06Copy video clip URL A title card reads, “Program of Work & Play at the Ranch.” Building a roof on a log cabin. Digging post holes for a wire fence. Painting, woodworking. New log cabins in the process of construction. Digging the foundations for a new pool, mixing concrete. Jump to the completed concrete foundations of an in-ground pool. The pool is filled and kids play and lounge around its wooden deck. Relay race at the pool.

26:18Copy video clip URL Hikers view a summit. Backpackers leave the camp. Hikers climb to a rocky summit. Youth climb and rappel on pine trees using ropes. Rappelling down craggy rock formations and other mountain climbing. 

28:21Copy video clip URL Skiers depart the ranch. Views of snow covered slopes descending to lush mountain streams and blooming vegetation below. Skiers ascend the slope using a rope pulley system. They ride the slopes. Others practice slalom skiing or sliding down without skis. After skiing, a meal is served at the base.

31:14Copy video clip URL “Nearby Gold Diggings.” Scenes from a nearby gold panning operation.

34:29Copy video clip URL At the historic Alpine Tunnel, the first tunnel constructed through the Continental Divide.

34:52Copy video clip URL “Off on a Vagabond Camping Trip.”

35:13Copy video clip URL “Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful.”

35:32Copy video clip URL “Yellowstone Falls from Artists’ Point.”

35:55Copy video clip URL “This is How We ‘Vagabond.'”

36:14Copy video clip URL At Glacier National Park.

36:28Copy video clip URL “Moraine Lake, Canadian Rockies.”

36:46Copy video clip URL “Vagabonders on the Colombia Icefield.”

37:03Copy video clip URL “Great Salt Lake, Utah.”

37:15Copy video clip URL At Zion National Park.

38:05Copy video clip URL At the Grand Canyon.

38:22Copy video clip URL Water scenes. Swimming in the ocean. On the road.

39:19Copy video clip URL Back in the Rocky mountains. Sliding on snow down a slope. Snowball fight.

39:58Copy video clip URL Rifle shooting. A member of the Colorado Civilian Team oversees the rifle target practice.

40:58Copy video clip URL Archers getting ready.

41:05Copy video clip URL Baseball on a rolling meadow.

41:36Copy video clip URL Floating downstream.

41:57Copy video clip URL “Appetites Are Huge!” A table filled with pies getting sliced. A man in a chef’s hat carves turkey. Inside a mess hall where food has been served. Eating outside, a large potluck meal served from a long table. Shucking corn, peeling onions. Another outdoor meal with pork chops and other meats cooked on cast iron skillets over a fire and a large grill.

44:14Copy video clip URL Twilight descends in the mountains. View of the sunset.

44:19Copy video clip URL Youths in a band play fiddle, acoustic guitar, an upright single string bass banjo, and a drum made of cardboard. Dancers twirl on a dance floor. Packing the trailer and loading up camp.

45:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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