Image Union, episode 1102: impressions of Harold

Image Union episode featuring "Impressions of Harold: 1983-1987" by Bill Stamets.

00:00Copy video clip URL Slate, count-in, black.

00:08Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

01:05Copy video clip URL Impressions of Harold: 1983-1987. By Bill Stamets. Speech by Harold Washington complaining about past Chicago mayors with Super 8 footage of parades and pictures of the late mayor Richard J. Daley. Footage of Washington shaking hands with the younger Daley. Speech about Chicago’s history of racism and the change to come under his leadership. “There are no good qualities of past mayors to be had!…None! … [Late Mayor Richard J. Daley] was a racist from the core!” Footage of Jane Byrne, Washington shaking hands with Richard M. Daley, “Sis” Daley.

04:37Copy video clip URL Election eve, 1983. Washington talks about the campaign and allegedly racist comments that had been made by opponent Ed Vrydolyak.

05:50Copy video clip URL Photographers shooting Washington.

06:18Copy video clip URL Jesse Jackson gives a speech about Chicago’s history and the struggle of blacks in the city. Introduces Washington. Washington announces his nomination for Mayor of Chicago.

07:55Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg interviews Washington. Footage of softball game.

08:21Copy video clip URL Eddie Verdolyak, chief opposition in city council, announces Washington’s and his support for Walter Mondale.

08:50Copy video clip URL Washington gives speech about why he supports people’s rights – because of his position as a member of a race that had been oppressed for 400 years. He talks about people’s struggles around the world and pledges to support them.

10:58Copy video clip URL Washington being photographed with famous people.

11:58Copy video clip URL Washington gives a holiday speech.

12:26Copy video clip URL Washington cuts huge cake in front of Picasso sculpture in downtown Chicago. He is asked to interpret what the sculpture is supposed to represent. He says that he thinks about it every day and every day his idea changes. A group photograph is taken in front of the Picasso.

14:01Copy video clip URL Cook County Jail, Christmas 1986. Washington shakes hands with prisoners.

14:31Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel talks about voting and voices his support for Washington.

15:18Copy video clip URL Acceptance speech 1987. People cheer wildly. Washington talks about change to come in his second term.

17:02Copy video clip URL Speech at Americana Congress in Chicago. He says that one of his challenges has been dealing with middle class ethnic whites in the North and Northwest sides of Chicago, who have trouble understanding his causes.

18:55Copy video clip URL Washington gives speech about being in for the long fight and wanting a fair share for everyone in the city. He promises to be fair to everyone, but says that he will be the first person in Chicago to be fair to blacks. He says he will be mayor for 20 years.

22:01Copy video clip URL Funeral with bagpipes on a gray and rainy day .

22:30Copy video clip URL November 27, 1987. Silent black and white footage of casket being unloaded. Throngs of people. Casket taken in to church. Pan through huge crowds.

23:40Copy video clip URL Washington with Jesse Jackson, giving speech about people around the world supporting Chicago because of him.

24:23Copy video clip URL Washington in parade.

24:41Copy video clip URL Titles. Washington speech.

25:28Copy video clip URL Image Union credits.

26:46Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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