Image Union, episode 0043: Modern Times

"Modern Times" compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Modern Love," "Modern Politics," and "Modern Marriage," "Modern Sexuality" by Max Almy, "The Real You, From top to Bottom," by Cheryll Hidalgo, and "Instant This, Instant That" by Ellen and Lynda Kahn.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening

01:00Copy video clip URL “Modern Love” by Max Almy. B&W video. Four TV screens appear, each with the same set of lips giving different “love” speeches: the first professes her love, the second nicely breaks up with her mate, the third wants to reconcile, and the fourth wants to be set free to find herself. Describes the stages of a relationship.

06:21Copy video clip URL “Modern Politics” by Max Almy. B & W video. An experimental video featuring various still photos of a woman while on the soundtrack a woman asks a series of “If I…will you…?” questions designed to examine misogynistic underpinnings in our society.

10:38Copy video clip URL “Modern Marriage” by Max Almy. Color video. An experimental video in which a static close up of a sun-bathing man’s face is shown while a woman narrates his personality traits. The traits begin well enough (intelligent, sophisticated, etc.) but devolve into a very negative portrait (self-centered, bossy, jealous, unfaithful, etc.).

12:42Copy video clip URL “Modern Sexuality” by Max Almy. Color video. An experimental video in which a woman narrates what she likes about her body. While she is telling us what she likes, various shots of woman’s body are shown.

14:42Copy video clip URL “The Real You, From Top to Bottom” by Cheryll Hidalgo. Color film. An experimental piece examining the commodification of feminine beauty. A woman is shown preparing to go out, getting dressed, applying makeup, etc. and the footage is intercut with advertising clips for various beauty products and shots of mannequins.

23:56Copy video clip URL “Instant This, Instant That” by Ellen and Lynda Kahn. Color music video. Two twins get ready for their day. They show us all the quick fixes of modern existence – Eggo Waffles, Tang, electrical can openers, etc. Music by Taste Test.

27:54Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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