Image Union, episode 0404 old

Two part Image Union episode featuring "The Sandwichman" by Jon Freedman and "In the Course of Time" by Jac Rubenstein and Dan Andries.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

00:51Copy video clip URL “The Sandwichman” by Jon Freedman. B&W film. A documentary that tells the story of William Froehlig, a star biology student at Northwestern University who began selling sandwiches to earn extra money. He decided to turn his sandwich making into a career and continues to sell sandwiches from a cart around the NU campus.

15:38Copy video clip URL “In the Course of Time” by Jac Rubenstein, Dan Andries. B&W film. Gary Sinise stars as a dejected linotype machine operator whose alienation throws him into a rage.

25:57Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.


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  1. Mel Coffee says:

    I went to Northwestern as did five other members of my family. The stories of the Sandwich Man are a part of my Northwestern experience as much as anything. He was soft-spoken and gentle and warm. The film captures him so well. His family should know, and probably certainly does, that he touched so many lives in such positive ways.

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