Image Union, episode 0532: Riverview Plus 2

This Image Union episode has three major parts. The first is a look back on the Chicago amusement park, Riverview, the second is a piece on the Illinois lottery by Tom Palazzolo, and the third is a reminisce on vaudeville performance by Rudy Horn, a former Vaudeville performer.

0:00Copy video clip URL Slate, count-in.

0:24Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:04Copy video clip URL Black and white film footage of Riverview amusement park with folk song lamenting its loss. Title: “I Remember Riverview” by Phil Ranstrom. Footage of Aladdin’s castle, the Chutes, the freak show, cotton candy, the Bobs.

1:59Copy video clip URL Color video footage. Former Riverview employees talk about the park and their favorite rides. Woman talks about how fun the park was. Man says that his mission is to take people back to Riverview through his movies and photographs.

3:54Copy video clip URL Black and white rollercoaster footage. Color film footage of the rest of the park with voices talking about their memories of the park. Freak show, the Bobs, entrance, feats of strength, Wild Mouse, Fireball, dunk tank, parachutes, Tunnel of Love, roller rink, tatooed lady, Roll-o-plane, other rides.

12:28Copy video clip URL Credits.

12:44Copy video clip URL “Another Millionaire” by Tom Palazzolo. Text about Illinois lottery winners. Takes place at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL.

13:03Copy video clip URL Color film. Man sells lottery tickets. Another man talks about selling a woman a winning lottery ticket.

13:45Copy video clip URL Voice over talks about being happy for the winners. Santa and helpers come on stage for lottery ball selection.

14:44Copy video clip URL Woman celebrates winning 10 dollars. Million dollar winner is announced. The check is presented for the first $50,000 installment. Man explains how the money is distributed – $50,000 per year for 20 years.

17:25Copy video clip URL Lottery winner is interviewed. He does not think that the money will change his life much.

17:50Copy video clip URL Shots of television awards show.

18:15Copy video clip URL Text about millionaire’s current status – living in Sun City, Arizona.

18:22Copy video clip URL “It’s Not Like That No More” by Rudy Horn.

18:32Copy video clip URL 1929-1947 film footage. Horn, a former vaudeville performer, found his color films from the early thirties through the late forties in his basement. They feature live vaudeville performances and home movies of the performers on their days off. Horn speaks over the films and talks about the performers and the demise of Vaudeville.

25:52Copy video clip URL Film credits.

25:58Copy video clip URL Image Union credits.

27:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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