Image Union, episode 0026: Short Show

Image Union episode called "Children's Fantasy Story" featuring "Sir Machinery" by Dean Kendrick and Chip Scoglio.

0:00Copy video clip URL Slate.

0:07Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

0:51Copy video clip URL “Sir Machinery,” by Dean Kendrick and Chip Scoglio. Produced by “13th Century Flops,” a pun on “20th Century Fox.”

1:15Copy video clip URL Cast of characters, credits.

2:35Copy video clip URL Stop motion animation. Crudely worked claymation “men” in a bar drink and discuss some inventor, wondering what he’s making.

3:35Copy video clip URL We see the inventor working on a robot. When he quits for bed, two of the men from the bar come and inspect the robot. They think he’s a knight, and mistake a “Machinery” sign as his name. They wake him.

5:06Copy video clip URL One man tells a story about evil demons who are about to start a war, and because they think he is a knight, they ask the robot to help. He agrees.

6:12Copy video clip URL They visit the cave of Maggie McMurdoch, a nice witch, and ask for her help. She tells them they need Merlin’s help, but that an evil witch woman has him locked in a cavern beneath a lake, gaurded by a dragon. To free him, a knight must beat the dragon in match of wit and strength. She gives them her flying broom.

8:22Copy video clip URL They arrive at the lake and summon a silly-looking dragon. He’s very goofy. He tries to stump the robot with a riddle, but the robot gets it. The robot asks the dragon the value of Pi, and stumps him. Robot beats dragon in test of strength.

10:58Copy video clip URL Merlin appears from water.

11:00Copy video clip URL Head witch/demon in cave. “The world will soon be mine!”

11:20Copy video clip URL At Maggie’s again, Merlin enters and discusses the predicament, decides that using the Sword of Sir Gallahan is the only way, but it is guarded by an evil spirit and must only be used by someone with a pure heart. They decide the robot can win again.

13:08Copy video clip URL A fortune-teller’s tent. The man who lost his robot is told he’ll find him at Maggie McMurdoch’s cave.

14:22Copy video clip URL He goes with policeman to get robot back.

14:49Copy video clip URL Evil witch in cave says she wants Merlin.

15:05Copy video clip URL Robot says he can’t go–he’s been programmed to protect human life. They decide the only way to lure the evil spirit who protects the sword away is to use a sexy lady. Merlin creates a sexy lady from the magazine.

17:31Copy video clip URL Off to Stonehenge for the sword. Sexy lady lures the evil spirit away. Merlin and robot sneak behind, get sword. Demons come from everywhere and fight Merlin and robot.

19:25Copy video clip URL Maggie’s cave. The characters discuss the battle plan. They will receive help from their friend, the King of Elves.

20:09Copy video clip URL They reach the evil witch’s cave, a battle ensues. Evil witch watches from inside, cackling. Merlin and the evil witch meet. She thinks he has the sword, and lures him away by tempting him with a pile of gold.

25:54Copy video clip URL Thinking Maggie’s the sword bearer, she tempts her away with a fountain of youth. An officer tries to arrest the evil witch, to no avail.

24:10Copy video clip URL Robot comes out and almost kills the evil witch, but falls apart right before he reaches her. The inventor picks up the sword and kills her.

25:07Copy video clip URL Good folks party, happy. End credits.

25:52Copy video clip URL Filmmakers give a brief overview of how they made the film.

27:24Copy video clip URL Image Union closing.

28:16Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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