Image Union, episode 0604: shorties

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Let Them Eat Cheese" by Kirk von Heflin, "The Treadmill" by The Video Brothers, "Dangerous Stranger" and "Industrialization of Dream Ejaculating Ecstasy of Mind" by Stevo Wolfson, and "The Glass" by Doug Hall.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening. (Begins abruptly.)

0:32Copy video clip URL “Let Them Eat Cheese” by Kirk Von Heflin. This is a segment on the pressure-filled life on a farm during the eighties. A nice collection of revealing images and sounds taken from a Wisconsin dairy farm, including a couple of very brief interviews with the family who lives on it. A lawyer, Dan Evans, discusses two tactics used by the Production Credit Association that contributes to the farmers’ financial troubles.

8:51Copy video clip URL “The Treadmill” by The Video Bros. Mixed up images of a bicycle as a man pedals and goes nowhere. He almost seems to be riding on air. A din of non-bicycle related sounds accompanies the footage. We eventually see that a painting of a country road hangs before him, and he appears to ride on it.

11:10Copy video clip URL “Dangerous Stranger” by Stevo Wolfson. Black and White ’50s footage with Indie-type rock song (“It seems so real, I can feel it, so why can’t I touch it?”) playing throughout. (No sync sound.) Tells the story of a kidnapping and follows the criminal and the police around through the town until the kidnapper is caught in the end.

17:50Copy video clip URL “Industrialization of Dream Ejaculating Ecstasy of Mind” By Stevo Wolfson. Abstract, psychedelic images accompanied by unrecognizable sounds. Bright colors, very “trippy”. Also includes various shots of a person falling from a building, a person pressing some type of buttons, and hands wiggling around in front of the camera. Very ’60s and swirly.

21:41Copy video clip URL “The Glass” by Doug Hall. A boy wearing sunglasses stands in front of a white wall and waves his hand above a wine glass to create sound even though he is not actually touching the glass. After a moment of this, the glass shatters.

23:36Copy video clip URL Image Union closing with “Media Burn” footage by Ant Farm.

24:58Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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