Image Union, episode 0037: Somersaulters And Aces

Long compilation episode of Image Union featuring "The Light Fantastic Picture Show," "The Wizard," and "Cartoon Cartoon" by Lillian and J.P. Somersaulter, "Aces" by Valjean McLenighan, "Wa Mini" by Steve Walker, and "Borders" by Fill Cadkin.

0:39Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:20Copy video clip URL “The Light Fantastic Picture Show” by Lillian and J.P. Somersaulter. Color. Stop-motion animation that features a collage of different mediums including thread, paper cutouts, hand drawn pictures, and photographs. Piano by Marian McPartland.

8:16Copy video clip URL “The Wizard” by Lillian and J.P. Somersaulter. Color animation. A short animated piece about a mischievous wizard who wins the hearts of townspeople after being outcast by them for his magical pranks.

16:12Copy video clip URL Image Union re-opening.

16:28Copy video clip URL “Aces” by Valjean McLenighan. B & W video. A short documentary about a group of young Chicago toughs, and the man who transformed them from a street-gang to a softball team.

24:32Copy video clip URL “Cartoon Cartoon” by Lillian and J.P. Somersaulter. Color animation. A “perfectly ridiculous” cartoon comically narrated by the animator in which he introduces various animated characters.

29:40Copy video clip URL “Wa Mini” by Steve Walker. Black and white film. Moving closeups of a woman’s body and water droplets running down it.

33:24Copy video clip URL “Borders” by Fill Cadkin. Color video. A modern dancer explores space with her body.

38:18Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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