Image Union, episode 0027: Super 8’s

This compilation episode of Image Union features a mind-bending experimental video, a time lapse photography piece, a video tribute to Judy Roberts, and a short political documentary. Works include "...Living in the City" by Bill Chayes, "The Quickie" by Moving Memory Films, "Judy" by Rosalie Loewy, "Seamus" and "Octopus' Garden" by Dean Kendrick and Chip Scoglio, and "Justice for Joe Torres" by Betsy Martins.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

0:55Copy video clip URL “…Living in the City” by Bill Chayes. Black and white film. Meditation on the speed of city life.

6:00Copy video clip URL “The Quickie” by Moving Memory Films. Color film. Time lapse photography shows a room being set up for a wedding and follows through to the end of the day when the room is disassembled.

8:44Copy video clip URL “Judy” by Rosalie Loewy. A tribute to local performer Judy Roberts by her sister. Roberts performs at the Wise Fools Pub with her band.

15:48Copy video clip URL “Seamus” by Dean Kendrick and Chip Scoglio. Clay animation by high school students.

17:52Copy video clip URL “Octopus’ Garden” by Dean Kendrick and Chip Scoglio. Another clay animation piece.

20:52Copy video clip URL “Justice for Joe Torres” by Betsy Martins. Color film. Shot in Houston. Shots of political struggle (police action, smashed vehicles, fires, etc) play along with song about revolution. Captures the Moody Park Rebellion, where the city of Houston (and specifically Chicanos) rose up in response to the murder of Jose Torres by Houston police. Song in Spanish about revolution, organization, oppression, etc.

27:40Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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