Image Union, episode 1901: The Bob Awards

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Special live episode of Image Union honoring work from the previous season.

0:00 Slate.

0:27 Bob welcomes us to “The Bob Shop” on Division Street. Joe Cummings does the voice of Bob. Marty Lennartz is the guest host.

1:11 Image Union opening.

1:40 Jay Shefsky, Image Union producer, opens live show honoring work from previous season. Shefsky honors producers Tom Weinberg and Jamie Ceasar. Shefsky introduces Bob. Lennartz comes on stage to start the show.

5:19 First category is Performance. Winner is “Passage” by Kurt Heinz. People win a small version of Bob, plus gift certificates.

7:18 Clips from Passage. It combines poetry with urban imagery.

11:20 Next category is Documentary. The winner is about Hindu practices. We then watch a clip from the film: “Rishte/Relationships.” A woman killed herself because she was bearing her fifth female child. We learn about Hindu gender roles.

20:50 Judges are introduced: Jim Morrissette of Kartemquin Films, Jim Taylor of the Community Film Workshop, and Brenda Webb of Chicago Filmmakers.

21:20 Category 3 is Animation. “Animated Architecture” by Bob and Linda Kean wins. We watch the piece. It features the sounds of a family at home.

23:25 Category 4 is Narrative. Winner is “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” by Bob Morton and Allan Siegel. Siegel is a professor at the Art Institute. Morton says that he is an attorney and his favorite part of the project was working with all of Allan’s students.

25:52 Clip from the piece, which was adapted from an Ernest Hemingway story. Two waiters talk about an old man sitting by himself in their restaurant. The old man had tried to commit suicide the week before.

32:22 Category 5 is Experimental. “Fogerty’s Easel” by Matt Lynch. The artist was not present at the event.

33:35 Clip from piece, which is composed of processed shots of city driving at night. It gradually becomes more and more abstract.

37:50 Special awards for films that don’t fit in to any category and push the limits. Winner is Yvonne Welbon’s “Missing Relations.” She is not there.

38:30 Clips from the film. It is a personal film about family. It is in black and white and everything said has an eerie echo. The narrative has many repeating phrases while telling the story. The narrator’s mother’s boyfriend kidnapped her newborn twins.

44:45 Award for two students who get honorable mention. “Lights Up” by Ann Ward, which is about Second City Training Center. An actress is heckled and goes backstage to complain. We see practice performances.

50:55 “Where You Are” by Michael Elsy. This one is about a young boy whose father has died.

56:11 Marty Lennartz does closing remarks. Then Bob closes the show.

56:55 End credits.

57:23 We see the Bob awards and are encouraged to submit tapes.

57:50 End of tape.



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