Image Union, episode 0629: West Bank

An episode of the independent film and video showcase, Image Union, featuring "West Bank: Whose Promised Land?" by Esti Galili Marpet. A documentary about struggle between Israelis and Arabs in the Israeli occupied West Bank, a strip of land that has been a longtime subject of violent dispute. Includes interviews with several Israeli soldiers and settlers, several Palestinians, and several peace activists.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black, slate.

00:18Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

00:51Copy video clip URL “West Bank: Whose Promised Land?” by Esti Galili Marpet. Color video.

01:45Copy video clip URL Footage from the West Bank, a green field where Palestinians are farming. Marpet does narration that explains the history of the the region. An interview with a peace activist, Lova Eliav, who says, “Both the Jews and Arabs, and everybody who has to do with this conflict, is ill… it’s a head-on collision between two national movements claiming the same territory.”

03:19Copy video clip URL Footage from a Hebron: an Israeli settler says, “They are living on this land, but this land is mine… Since the beginning of the world, it’s mine. From the Bible.” A Palestinian nearby thinks that the land is his. The tape then shows construction sites for Israeli homes, which Palestinians are building. There are interviews with settlers moving in, who say it is a cheaper alternative to living in Jerusalem. We also talk to another peace activist, Muky Ron, who explains the subsidized construction. A man gives the figures on the construction, and the economics of the new apartments. Former deputy mayor of Jerusalem, M. Benvenisti, says that the settlements will place political pressure on the area, and enable a parliamentary group from the area.

09:57Copy video clip URL Marpet talks to a Palestinian farmer, who is angry because the Israelis took their land. A Palestinian educator, Mary Chas, expresses discontent with the Israeli government “confiscating” their land. We see violent Palestinian activists in Bethlehem. Chas says, “It’s unhuman to be occupied.” Footage of an Israeli Military Checkpoint, where papers are checked, and cars searched. Ziad Abu-Ziad, a Palestinian newspaper editor, also talks about being under occupation.

15:13Copy video clip URL Then we look at a refugee camp, where an entire family is imprisoned because one member is in imprisoned with accusations of terrorist activities. The family’s home was destroyed by the Israeli army. They talk to members of the family, who say the only solution is a Palestinian state. A Palestinian student, Fayez, points out that they cannot express dissent in newspapers. The Israeli soldiers search a bus, always carrying large guns. “There is no such as thing as liberal occupation.” The peace activist talks about the teachings of the Talmud in advocating compromise. However, the Israelis are not compromising over the land. An Israeli group that wants peace, they shout, “Occupation No! Peace Yes!” Footage of a demonstration against Israel, with a burning tire. Even children throw stones at Israeli soldiers, and they throw smoke bombs in return. The tape closes with peaceful images of Palestinian farmers and children and a woman explaining that in other countries, people who resist occupation were patriots.

28:16Copy video clip URL Marpet’s credits and then Image Union end credits.



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