Image Union, episode 0009: Women

Hour long compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Jane Byrne Election Night" by Scott Jacobs with Cindy Neal and Lilly Ollinger,"La Traviata" by Catherine DeJong, "Four Women Over 80" by Max Greenberg, an excerpt from "Two is Better" by Jane Gaines, "Rugby Women" by Eleanor Boyer, a tape from the Community TV Network, "Curtain" by Barbara Laitham, an excerpt from "Self Defense" by Michelle Citron, and "Girls Talk Liberation" by Lilly Ollinger.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars, slate, count-in.

00:20Copy video clip URL Start of program, Image Union opening sequence.

00:50Copy video clip URL “Jane Byrne Election Night” Produced by Scott Jacobs for “The Video News,” with Cindy Neal and Lilly Ollinger. [Note: This version of “Jane Byrne Election Night” was re-edited by Image Union for this episode. For the official director’s cut, visit:] We follow Jane Byrne on February 27, 1979 at the Ambassador Hotel. Byrne is just finding out that she may have won the primary election for Mayor of Chicago, defeating incumbent Mayor Michael Anthony Bilandic. She watches TV and talks about the havoc handshaking has wrought on her nails and jewelry. Her husband talks about preparing meals so she’d be well fed when she got home. After her victory seems certain, she organizes her family and supporters and speaks to her campaign staff. When she’s won, the media struggle to get close to her.

21:58Copy video clip URL “La Traviata” by Catherine DeJong. DeJong performs both the male and female roles of “La Traviata” in lip-synch with the use of make-up and creative editing.

25:10Copy video clip URL “Four Women Over 80” by Sandra May Greenberg (1978). Color film. A portrait of four dynamic women in their 80s. Winifred B. Geldard, Age 81, talks about growing older and the importance of staying active. Anne Kallick, age 83, talks about enjoying her days at the Skokie library. She talks about swimming to stay active and going back to take college courses in her old age. Gwendolyn Williams, age 86, discusses staying politically active. Louise B. Hawkins, age 94, talks about working for the community to help out.

34:28Copy video clip URL Mid-show identification.

34:45Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Two Is Better” by Jane Gaines. Super-8 footage of children playing at a theme park, presumably Santa’s Village, since Christmas music plays on accordion.

35:42Copy video clip URL “Rugby Women” Tape about girls who play rugby. The coach says it helps reinforce their sense of self-worth. The coach and a couple players discuss the discomfort women have with touching other women. She suggests the game is one way of overcoming that social discomfort. The groundskeeper tells his ideas on women: “children, kitchen, and church.” By Eleanor Boyer.

47:44Copy video clip URL “MaryAnn”: Denise Zaccardi introduces a tape by her group of youth-videomakers at the Community TV Network. This tape was made by 8-10 year old girls, about their sister MaryAnn. Shot from the perspective of the younger girls, the short video is a precious tribute to an older sister, and a portrait of the way children look up to those older than themselves.

50:15Copy video clip URL “Curtain” by Barbara Laitham. Laitham reviews the emotional content of her videotape over shots of the outdoors through curtains.

53:30Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Self Defense” by Michelle Citron. Imagistic experimental film of Citron performing martial arts maneuvers against psychedelic, kaleidoscope-like backdrops.

55:55Copy video clip URL “Girls Talk Liberation” by Lilly Ollinger. Two pre-teen girls talk to an interviewer about being girls, and about the differences between girls and boys at school. The differences: “Some boys can’t skip rope.”

57:34Copy video clip URL Folk musicians perform behind announcement of “Image Events.”

58:45Copy video clip URL End credits.

59:32Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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