Imbed This

Footage from a 2003 Chicago protest against the war in Iraq. Hoffman approaches police officers and reporters at the scene for comment, with varying degrees of success.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:20Copy video clip URL Title card.

0:30Copy video clip URL In downtown Chicago, police officers don riot gear. Many ignore the camera and questions as they do so, though one answers that the protest is at “Federal plaza, right down the block. They’re expecting about twenty thousand.”

1:09Copy video clip URL A police officer laughs and talks about his new shoes, his BDU, and his badge. When asked about whether he has a bulletproof vest on underneath, he covers the camera and asks the videographers to not ask him. Video cuts out, resuming on a clip of him talking about why he’s at the protest. When asked about the line for disobedience, the officer tells Hoffman to turn off the camera, and Hoffman assents.

2:14Copy video clip URL Hoffman follows officers in riot gear as they walk to the site of the protest. A police officer asks if everyone has their buddies, to light laughter.

2:43Copy video clip URL In front of Alexander Calder’s Flamingo in Federal Plaza, demonstrators gather to protest against the war in Iraq. The camera passes over Flamingo, police officers walking through the scene, and shows a variety of posters as a voice speaks over a microphone. Two people wearing neon green safety vests reading “CLEANING UP AFTER CAPITALISM” walk through, “vacuuming” the ground. 

 3:26Copy video clip URL The camera pans from the Chicago flag to a policeman standing behind a boxy black truck. 

3:32Copy video clip URL The camera zooms out from a close-up shot of a FOX microphone as a reporter conducts an interview. “If you talk to enough veterans about their personal experiences, they’ll tell you a lot of things that you’ve probably never heard from other sources before,” says a protester.

3:44Copy video clip URL Hoffman approaches a number of reporters, attempting to ask them their thoughts on the objectivity of the media’s war coverage, and whether propaganda plays a role in such coverage. Multiple do not comment, one snapping a photo of Hoffman. One reporter, Ben Bradley from Channel Seven, does comment, saying that the news is attempting to decide how extensively to cover the protest, based on attendance and what’s new about this protest. The camera follows Bradley as he walks away, cutting between protesters on one side and police officers lined up in full riot gear on the other.

5:25Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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