In Your Interest: Mike Gray

Author and documentary filmmaker Mike Gray speaks at a public forum in Bloomington Indiana entitled "The Hidden Casualties of the War on Drugs," recorded on a program called "In Your Interest" on WIPX Channel 63, Trafalgar, IN. He touches upon topics brought up in his book "Drug Crazy."

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:15Copy video clip URL Slate reads: “In Your Interest, Busick #18. Mike Gray 1/20/99.”

0:27Copy video clip URL In Your Interest opening sequence.

0:58Copy video clip URL Filmmaker Mike Gray opens by saying he can’t recommend his book highly enough. “This is a book you can take to the front lines of the trenches of the War on Drugs, hurl it at the enemy and it will explode in his face.”

1:12Copy video clip URL Narrator introduces author Mike Gray.

2:05Copy video clip URL Gray speaks about how “Drug Crazy” came to be.

3:00Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “Prohibition! How Did It Happen?”

5:35Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “Dr. Hamilton Wright.” Talks about opium use in America and Wright’s naming to the Shanghai Opium Commission.

9:10Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “Pure Food & Drug Act.”

10:21Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “Dr. William Steward Halsted.” Halsted medically experimented with cocaine before becoming the father of modern surgery.

13:25Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “The Collapse of Colombia.”

14:20Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “The Problem With Crop Substitution.”

16:30Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “What About Race? Who Gets Arrested?”

17:00Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “Will Decriminalization Solve the Problem?”

17:50Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “Decriminalization Of Marijuana, 1977.”

20:20Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “Possible Ways Out Of This Mess: Heroin Maintenance in Liverpool.” Gray gives an anecdote about “curing” heroin addiction by prescribing heroin.

24:56Copy video clip URL Inter-title: “Heroin Maintenance In Switzerland.”

27:00Copy video clip URL Gray speaks about receiving positive call-ins from the public.

29:45Copy video clip URL End title: “In Your Interest.”

29:49Copy video clip URL Closing credits.

30:22Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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