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Judith Binder and Nancy Cain introduce an episode of CamNet on KCET's Independent Eye.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opening credits with techno music. Countdown to start of program.

00:39Copy video clip URL Judith Binder and Nancy Cain introduce the CamNet episode. She discusses the early uses of camcorders. Binder describes them as “the people’s CNN.” Binder describes their aversion to having a POV as a station because they will accept anything that is submitted. “Let them play it out, let them talk…why intervene on that” she says. They talk about just letting the camera roll while “looking the other way.”

03:38Copy video clip URL Video coverage of a cameraman jumping off Pat’s Plunge in Chicago. 

04:03Copy video clip URL Footage of a train station in Kobe, Japan after the quake. The narrator describes the standstill that occurred at the train station as a result. Interview of a person present during the quake, describing how he jumped out of his house and many people died. 

06:27Copy video clip URL Footage of Street Beat in New York. Protestors argue with police and the opposing side. The cop tells them “cooler heads prevail.” The cop is interviewed on his training. Protestors chant “Giuliani’s a tool, bankers rule.” 

08:09Copy video clip URL The Nude Handyman describes how he started his profession and fixes a sink naked.

10:01Copy video clip URL A woman shows her van where she lives after losing her job and house. “If I can’t fit it in my van, I don’t need it…we live better now than we did before,” she says.

12:27Copy video clip URL Henry Miller describes French culture versus American. He talks about asking people for money, specifically one man who throws his coins into the gutter for him. “Then I swore never again to ask any son of a bitch for help. I was cured,” he says.

14:55Copy video clip URL Nancy Cain covers a Medical Marijuana protest. She interviews an older woman and Lynette Shaw, a patient activist. She discusses the goal to get medical marijuana state ballot initiative. Speakers, doctors, and patients speak about the benefits.

18:12Copy video clip URL Footage money production in D.C Money Factory.

20:59Copy video clip URL Interview of Ron about seeing the process of money printing. “I don’t think I could ever spend as much money as I’ve seen them print,” he says. He describes masonry.

26:53Copy video clip URL Jamela Mwelu tells jokes.

27:51Copy video clip URL Priest in conversation with Pat Boone. They pray together.

30:06Copy video clip URL Church Ladies for Choice demonstration. “Jesus loves the white male fetus,” they sing. A priest argues with protestors as they chant at him.

32:39Copy video clip URL Video Coverage of the 1992 elections. Beth Lapides describes her experience at the election hall as alienating. Quick montage of hall and people.

34:55Copy video clip URL BTS of American Gladiators. One contestant discusses what it’s like to be a gladiator.

36:27Copy video clip URL Jody Procter tours a dump and describes the process of demolition. “Once you start to look, you realize that everything you need is here.”

38:43Copy video clip URL Demonstration to save McDonalds. They chant “burgers yes, demolition no.” Women discuss the importance of the McDonalds to them.

42:39Copy video clip URL Jada Rocks discusses corruption in DC. Many of the men rap. 

45:31Copy video clip URL Man with bull horn tells Indian demonstrators to eat meat and believe in Jesus.

46:13Copy video clip URL Katie Wilkins, a young girl, discusses what makes her sad, her future, and what she thinks about boys. Audio and video are quite choppy.

50:00Copy video clip URL Footage of the CamNet Video Workshop. Poor video and audio quality. People are sent out with Camcorders to record whatever. 

53:28Copy video clip URL New York Christopher Street Station musical performance.

58:37Copy video clip URL Credits.


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  1. Pegarty Long says:

    Fascinating Videos. Back in the days when video camera was made available to the people. And those like Judith Binder and Nancy Cain used them for important projects which could be aired.

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