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This video starts out with the videomaker Judith Binder going to a nail salon. She then visits Inner-City Art, an after-school type program for children going to school in the inner city. Following this she goes to Venice Beach and talks with a few homeless people and then tapes along the Boardwalk.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on shot of Judith Binder, the videomaker, going into a shop called Marvelous Nails.

2:27Copy video clip URL Binder gets a foot soak and is apparently getting a pedicure. She tries chatting with her nail stylist who is Vietnamese. They chat a bit about her life. There seems to be a soap opera running in the background.

14:49Copy video clip URL Switch to shot of Inner City Arts, which Binder enters. She records children making art and chats with several of them. They show her their artwork. The man in charge directs them in putting everything away for the last day of their session. The children leave for the day and Binder begins talking with the man in charge, interviewing him about his organization, Inner-City Art, a program for underprivileged children in the inner city schools of Los Angeles. He talks about using art to teach children to interact in an appropriate manner and making them wholesome human beings. “Art is so important because it is a direct link to the spirit of man…our schools are tremendously challenged. What we want to do through art is to bring another tool back into the system…a tool of self-expression.”

28:01Copy video clip URL The people in charge invite in the next group of kids and they are given instructions for the day. Binder starts talking with a few of the children. One of the teachers begins showing a few children some specific techniques. Binder continues filming the children and chatting with them. According to one of the leaders of the program, some of the children say they like the program because, “What I do here counts.” Binder talks with this woman for a while and then continues observing and talking with children.

53:32Copy video clip URL The children gather together on the floor as their pictures are being put up. The man in charge tries to teach them non-judgment and that they (and their art pieces) are unique. He points several interesting pieces without putting down any of them merely pointing out what was done right. The children leave.

1:06:41Copy video clip URL Binder goes to a lunch with a meeting where Binder talks with some of the different people who brought the project together and sees one of the class’ interpretation of Picasso’s “Guernica.”

1:15:18Copy video clip URL Binder goes outside and talks with a street performer who plays the harmonica, sings, and tells jokes. She continues down Venice Beach talks with a homeless person named Sharon and another named Alicia. She keeps walking Venice Beach filming people.

1:32:01Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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