Inside Spring Training

A look at the 1978 White Sox at preseason practice in Florida.

00:22Copy video clip URL Opening credits. Feb 1978. “Inside Spring Training. ” Bill Veeck on the phone about the weather. Footage of baseball players practicing. B-roll of baseball practice and related activities, mostly amid rain.

02:30Copy video clip URL Bus ride, also in the rain. Thad Bosley and Reggie Sanders have a discussion.

04:09Copy video clip URL Footage of players practicing. Radio host voiceover, interviewing Bill and Mary Frances Veeck.

04:32Copy video clip URL Veeck on the phone, talking about trying to find a nice non-rainy place for the team to practice: “We didn’t get any chance to talk to Mr. Castro, he didn’t call back.” He also discusses Larry Doby “working with young hitters.” As Veeck speaks, Doby can be seen instructing Bosley on the practice field. Veeck’s conversation turns to Bosley.

06:38Copy video clip URL Footage of Bosley at batting practice. Larry Doby, Sox batting coach, looks on. They discuss batting grips.

12:16Copy video clip URL Reggie Sanders discusses the differences between New Mexico and Chicago.

13:28Copy video clip URL Footage of first baseman Lamar Johnson batting. His wife, Valerie Johnson, discusses the benefits to being married to a ballplayer and the changes since spring training started.

15:36Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg and Sox first base coach Orestes “Minnie” Minoso play shuffleboard. They discuss Opening Day 1960 and Minoso wins the shuffleboard game. They then discuss handshakes how Minoso is ambidextrous due to cutting sugarcane before becoming a baseball player.

22:23Copy video clip URL Roland Hemon, Sox VP, is his own secretary for the moment. Then he speaks on the phone to “Dwayne.”

24:21Copy video clip URL Weinberg interviews lefty pitcher Rich Hinton, who talks about marginal players and playing in the big leagues, calling the games “sterile.”

25:40Copy video clip URL Batting practice footage montage to music. Footage is mainly of Bosley.

26:25Copy video clip URL End credits roll. Interview with possibly Bosley.

27:59Copy video clip URL Weinberg’s Sox ownership disclosure.

28:28Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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