[Inside Spring Training raw #15]

Raw footage for "Inside Spring Training." This tape features footage of Bill Veeck and colleagues in a hotel room during spring training in Sarasota, Florida. Motel Fever #2

00:00Copy video clip URL Roland Hemond on the phone making an attempt to find an alternate place for the teams to play due to excessive rain.

04:10Copy video clip URL Video crew moves down the hall to Veeck’s hotel room, where he is seated at the desk, talking on the phone. Eventually, he reaches Stanley Kablan, from the WAYS radio station in North Carolina. He proposes flying some teams over to Cuba to play.

12:16Copy video clip URL Veeck makes another phone call while “The Jeffersons” appears on the television.

14:30Copy video clip URL Veeck hangs up and briefly discusses the issues at hand with Tom Weinberg, noting that his connection to Cuba is not available.

16:50Copy video clip URL Veeck attempts to make another phone call and hangs up, looking very pensive.

19:00Copy video clip URL Hemond comes in a briefly speaks with Veeck, but leaves suddenly to receive a phone call in the other room. Veeck and the others joke around about getting lost en route while Veeck lights another cigarette and opens a can of Schlitz.

22:00Copy video clip URL Hemond returns and they continue discussing the options, including St. Petersburg and Miami. Tape ends abruptly soon thereafter.

22:36Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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