[Inside Spring Training raw #31]

Raw footage shot for "Inside Spring Training."

00:00Copy video clip URL Color, two different channels of audio, one of which cuts in and out. Coaching staff and players trudge through the rain on the training grounds in St. Petersburg, Florida.

03:02Copy video clip URL Cut to black and white footage aboard the team bus. “Still workin’, huh’?” one of the players asks cameraman Skip Blumberg. “Yeah, as long as we got batteries, we work.”

04:17Copy video clip URL The team enters the locker room and debates plans for dinner. “Do we get paid tomorrow?” a player asks management.

07:53Copy video clip URL Brief footage of producer Tom Weinberg outside.

08:03Copy video clip URL Roland Hemond, general manager for the White Sox, makes phone calls in his hotel room. The team is trying to recruit college teams to play for practice, but is having difficulty finding a full line-up early in the season.

14:02Copy video clip URL “Are you your own secretary?” one of the cameramen asks Hemond as he shuffles through a mound of papers on his desk. Hemond explains that Bill Veeck’s secretary will be joining the team in Sarasota later in the month, but for the time being, he has to keep track of all of the paperwork.

14:23Copy video clip URL Hemond talks on the phone about bringing in a new pitcher. He explains that the team already has too many pitchers and that Milwaukee may be a better fit.

17:18Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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